Forget what you know about marketing

Forget what you know about marketing. Traditional marketers, whose jobs were to advertise and spread brand awareness, are a distant memory. Empowered by technology, their modern successors are expected to build deeper relationships with customers than ever before. These relationships give marketers a better understanding of exactly what consumers want and how to give it to them. As a result, marketers now have more influence in boardrooms—if they want it. What approaches can marketers take to harness the region’s appetite for mobile and social commerce? What will the marketing function look like in the next five years? The Economist Events’ Marketing Unbound is a new event that will bring together chief marketers and corporate leaders from the region to examine how marketing will evolve and discuss how Asia’s entrepreneurial marketers can shape the businesses of the future.  Members of The Society of Publishers in Asia are entitled to enjoy a 20% discount on the standard price. Click here to register online. (Code: SOPA3320 at checkout)