Media Insiders breakfast pictures – Oct 30th SOPA Panel Topic: What can Big Data do for publishers?

Campaign reporting : Big data challenge more cultural than technological for brands

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Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of the Washington Post has the world asking, what will Amazon’s big data algorithms do for a paper? Amazon uses the data it collects on its customers to send them eerily accurate recommendations for books, movies and, if you’ve bought anything else via their platform, everything from gadgets to fashion. The giant online retailer claimed in 2006 (nothing has been released since then) that its recommendation engine drives 35 per cent of its sales – what could a similar engine, recommending content and products to readers do for a newspaper?

  • Do publishers have systems in place to gather Big Data?
  • What use is it being put to? Who’s doing a good job?
  • What kind of data would advertisers like to receive from publishers?
  • What is the potential use of this data for advertising?
  • Will the gathering and use of subscriber data result in privacy infringements? What can you do and not do?
  • How does this change the nature of journalism – rather than editors determining what readers read, and in what hierarchy, their personal reading history will.


Natalie Chew
Marketing and Communications Executive
IBM China / Hong Kong Limited

Natalie Chew is Executive, Marketing and Communications for IBM Hong Kong. Natalie oversees the “Growth and Greatness of the IBM Brand” to support the strategic development of IBM’s business in Hong Kong. She leads the team in meeting the company’s 2015 roadmap goals by capitalizing on IBM’s Brand Differentiators and end-to-end Demand System from conditioning the markets, capturing the markets to making new markets.

Peter M. Dingle
Consumer Brand & Marketing Strategy
Intel Semiconductor

Peter Dingle is the Consumer Brand & Marketing Strategy lead for Tablets, Mobile Experiences and Marketing Analytics’ for the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, Intel, in the computing industry’s fastest growing region, Asia Pacific.With 15+ years of marketing experience in building the top 10 brand, Dingle built the region’s social media communities from scratch in APAC over the last 3 years and has now positioned himself take on the rising challengers of reaching new consumers through mobile screens. Dingle’s deep understanding of how emerging markets respond online and his strength’s in understanding and picking the best technologies for maximum effectiveness make him an engaging marketer, a fascinating speaker and a talent to watch out for in times of digital transition.

Ross O’Brien
Director, Corporate Network, Hong Kong
Economist Intelligence Unit

Ross O’Brien has been an analyst, consultant, writer and presenter of business intelligence in Asia for nearly twenty years (half that time in Hong Kong), with expertise in high technology and professional services sectors.Ross brings over a decade’s worth of experience with the Economist Group: in addition he writes frequently for Business Asia and Business China, has authored many EIU studies in the technology space (including the annual E-Readiness report), chaired the Economist Conferences’ Asian Roundtable on Telecommunications, and worked with Executive Services on consulting projects. He also contributes opinion and analysis pieces for TelecomAsia, serves as the Asia-Pacific Editor of VON Magazine (, and regularly comments on Asian technology for CNN and CNBC Asia.He is conversant in Mandarin and Indonesian, and has an undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College (USA) and an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley.

Dominic Powers
Senior Vice President / Managing Director International

Dominic Powers is the Senior Vice President and Managing Director International for Epsilon – a leading multi-channel marketing services company with a wide range of strategic data-driven solutions and services that provide a 360-degree view and interaction with customers. Based in Hong Kong, Dominic is responsible for leading the day-to-day operations of the business throughout the APAC and EMEA regions, including Australia, China, India, Japan, Singapore, UK, France and Germany.A graduate of Modern Chinese from the University of Leeds in the UK, and Tianjin Normal University in the People’s Republic of China, he has lived, studied, and worked in various locations across Asia Pacific since 1995. He is currently a Board Member of the Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association (HKDMA), The China Direct Marketing Association, and the Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA) and a regular presenter and commentator on data-driven marketing and privacy issues throughout the region.


Emily Tan
Insights Editor
Campaign Asia-Pacific

Emily joined Campaign Asia-Pacific in 2011 as a reporter covering the digital beat and the Asia-Pacific region. She was promoted this year to the role of Insights editor, and is responsible editorial leadership of a magazine section aimed at exploring trends and ideas within the advertising and marketing industry. Prior to Campaign, Emily was a writer with Malaysia’s leading business and finance publication The Edge for nearly three years. She holds an Erasmus Mundus Masters of Arts in Financial Journalism awarded by City University, London, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Aarhus.

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