Society of Publishers in Asia kicks-off 2010 Awards for Editorial Excellence

Multimedia News Presentation category recognizes the use of online interactive graphics, photography, audio and video in journalism

Hong Kong, December 14, 2009 – The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), an organization dedicated to best practices in professional publishing, has announced the launch of the “SOPA 2010 Awards for Editorial Excellence”. This year’s awards will include a new category for “Multimedia News Presentation” to recognize the use of online interactive graphics, photography, audio and video in journalism and the publishing industry.

Established in 1999, the awards highlight editorial excellence in both traditional and new media and are designed to honor and encourage editorial vitality and innovation throughout the region. They cover a broad range of categories reflecting Asia’s diverse geo-political environment and vibrant editorial scene. Last year’s awards received 547 entries from 97 publications and digital publishers from across the Asia Pacific, including new entries from Australia, Cambodia and Thailand.

“The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence are growing in importance as a benchmark of Asia’s best journalism,” said Peter Stein, Chairman of the SOPA Editorial Awards Sub-committee. “The category for multimedia presentation updates and replaces a previous SOPA award for digital journalism with a more specific intent to honor techniques of journalism that are increasingly integral to the profession.”

Mr. Stein noted that many journalists already carry digital cameras and video cameras with them on reporting trips with their websites in mind. “The awards are aimed at honoring first rate journalism even as the format in which it is presented evolves and online technology breaks new ground,” he said.

Terence Tung, SOPA Chairman, said the Society seeks to provide a broad platform in which professional journalism can excel. “The awards raise the bar for journalistic excellence amongst the region’s best newspapers, magazines, wire services and websites. In spite of economic conditions, journalists strive to keep the public informed about the key issues and their dogged efforts and enterprising coverage deserve to be applauded and acknowledged.”

Judging for the 2010 Awards will be conducted by a team of more than 80 international judges stationed across the globe. Judging will be led by Head of Judges, Professor Rusty Todd, Director of Business Journalism at the University of Hong Kong. Judges comprise journalists, designers and photo editors from many of the region’s leading newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, and notable academics from the journalism and media departments of prestigious universities.