Society of Publishers in Asia kicks-off 2011 Awards for Editorial Excellence

Closing date for entries is 15 February 2011

The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), an organization dedicated to best practices in professional publishing, has announced the launch of the “SOPA 2011 Awards for Editorial Excellence” with submissions invited from now until 15 February 2011. Last year, the Awards attracted a record 564 entries from publications and digital publishers from across the Asia Pacific region with nominated work from Taiwan and China increasing by 30% over previous years.

Established in 1999, the Awards highlight editorial excellence in both traditional and new media and are designed to honour and encourage editorial vitality and innovation throughout the region. They cover a broad range of categories reflecting Asia’s diverse geo-political environment and vibrant editorial scene.

“Regardless of medium or language, winning SOPA entries are tied together by a common commitment to the best principles of the industry: fearless reporting, trenchant analysis, and an adherence to the highest journalistic ethics,” said Peter Stein, Chairman of the SOPA Editorial Awards Subcommittee. “The SOPA 2011 Awards for Editorial Excellence will continue to encourage and honour the very best of Asian journalism.”

The Awards last year were presided over by 109 international judges comprising journalists, designers and photo editors from many of the region’s leading newspapers, consumer and trade magazines, and notable academics from the journalism and media departments of prestigious universities. The University of Hong Kong’s Director of Media Law Project and Associate Professor Doreen Weisenhaus will this year be Head of Judges.

Terence Tung, SOPA Chairman, said, “The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence recognises exceptional reporting, writing, photography, design and presentation that all underpin SOPA’s main tenets of freedom of the press and independent, responsible journalism. Last year was hugely successful in attracting a record number of entries and setting the excellence benchmark just that little bit higher and so the 2011 Awards are highly anticipated in that regard.”

Information relating to the Frequently Asked Questions, Rules and Regulations and entry details will be placed on soon. This year’s awards will be administered by The University of Hong Kong’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre (JMSC).