SOPA calls on Hong Kong authorities to reverse change in accreditation process


The Society of Publishers in Asia is extremely concerned about the recent decision by the Hong Kong Police Force to change the definition of media representatives. SOPA calls on the authorities to reverse the change and restore independent accreditation as is practice elsewhere.

While accreditation processes are common in many jurisdictions, they exist to safeguard accepted principles of engagement between media professionals and the institutions they cover, whether the journalists are freelancers or employees of a news organization. Care must be taken not to limit that engagement or encroach on press freedom more broadly.

The free flow of information is important to Hong Kong’s publishing industry and also to the city’s status as a global financial center. Ensuring that all media representatives, regardless of employment status, can do their jobs safely and that access to information is not curtailed is key to upholding the freedom of press enshrined in law.