The Society of Publishers in Asia elects Coconuts Media CEO Byron Perry as new Chairman and announces 2021 Board / 亞洲出版業協會推選Coconuts Media行政總裁Byron Perry為新任主席並公佈2021年度董事會成員名單

Hong Kong, January 19, 2021 – The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA), a Hong Kong-based not-for-profit organization dedicated to pursuing excellence in journalism, has announced the election of Byron Perry, the founder and CEO of Coconuts Media, as its new Chairman at its 38th Annual General Meeting.

Perry, based in Singapore, is the first SOPA Chairperson to be based outside of Hong Kong. He will aim to drive more regional membership and presence for the organization in Southeast Asia.

“I am honored to be the new Chairman of SOPA and look forward to helping promote quality and best-practices in journalism and a thriving media industry across Asia,” said Mr. Perry. “I also look forward to working with SOPA’s Board and members to achieve our goals for the coming year, including organizing successful awards and driving membership growth.”

Other new appointments include Jasper Chung of The New York Times as the new Honorary Treasurer, Christine Wong of Bloomberg Media as Honorary Secretary. Newly-elected board members include Ling Sze Gan of Thomson Reuters and Jean Locufier of the Financial Times. An executive to be determined from Dow Jones will also serve on the 2021 board. The full list of SOPA’s 2021-2022 Board can be found below.

In addition, the list of Editorial Committee members helping to oversee the SOPA 2021 Awards can be found here.  The Editorial Committee is led by Madeleine Lim, Senior Executive Editor, Asia Pacific Bloomberg News.

SOPA highlights during the past year include:

The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence presented 91 awards for outstanding journalism at its annual ceremony and was livestreamed for the first time since it was established in 1999. It received over 750 entries across 17 wide ranging categories.

SOPA continued to deliver in-depth panel sessions and discussions through a series of Media Insider webinars, focusing on exclusive interviews with the winners of the SOPA 2020 Editorial Awards. This included winning entries in the Excellence in Business Reporting category and journalists who explored South East Asian Stories and Collaborative Journalism.

SOPA’s 2021-2022 Board comprises:

Chair: Mr. Byron Perry (Founder & CEO, Coconuts Media)
Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Jasper Chung (Head of Corporate Development, APAC, The New York Times)
Honorary Secretary: Ms. Christine Wong (Bloomberg Media)
Desiree Au (Publisher, Vogue Hong Kong)
Barrett Bingley (Director, Media Sales, North Asia and Asia Initiatives The Economist Group)
Ling Sze Gan (Vice President, Head of Sales & Revenue of Editorial Content & Data Solutions, Thomson Reuters)
Adrian Lee (SVP, Group Marketing & Events, South China Morning Post Publishers Ltd)
Jean Locufier (Regional Head of Customer Success, Asia Pacific, Financial Times)

The SOPA 2021 Editorial Awards has begun their call for submissions.  Deadline is Thursday Feb 25, 2021.  More info can be found at

About SOPA

The Society of Publishers in Asia (SOPA) is a Hong Kong based not-for-profit organisation that was founded in 1982 to champion freedom of the press, promote excellence in journalism and endorse best practices for all local and regional publishing platforms in the Asia Pacific region.

Today, SOPA is the voice of Asia’s media and publishing industry, and continues to work to uphold media standards and freedoms while celebrating and supporting professional journalism and publishing. The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence are the annual, flagship awards, serving as a regional benchmark for quality, professional journalism.;; SOPA LinkedIn.


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亞洲出版業協會推選Coconuts Media行政總裁Byron Perry為新任主席並公佈2021年度董事會成員名單

香港 – 2021年1月19日 – 亞洲出版業協會(「SOPA」)在第38屆週年大會上宣佈Coconuts Media創辦人兼行政總裁Byron Perry當選為協會的新任主席。SOPA乃香港非牟利組織,致力提升亞太區新聞報導水準。

Byron Perry常駐新加坡,是SOPA首位居於香港以外地區的主席。他將致力於東南亞地區招募更多會員並加強SOPA在區內的影響力。

Byron Perry表示:「我非常榮幸成為SOPA的新任主席,並熱切期待能透過協會在亞洲蓬勃發展的媒體行業推廣優質新聞報導及最佳實踐。我更期盼與SOPA董事會及會員攜手實現協會來年的目標,包括圓滿籌辦本年度的卓越新聞獎及促進會員增長。」

董事會成員變動如下:《紐約時報》的Jasper Chung將出任義務司庫;彭博的Christine Wong將出任義務秘書;新加入的董事會成員包括湯森路透的Ling Sze Gan及《金融時報》的Jean Locufier。SOPA 2021-2022年董事會名單詳載於文末。

此外,亦可按此查閱SOPA「2021年度卓越新聞獎」的籌委會成員名單。該籌委會由彭博新聞亞洲高級執行編輯Madeleine Lim領導。




SOPA 2021-2022年董事會成員:

主席:Byron Perry(Coconuts Media創辦人兼行政總裁)
義務司庫:Jasper Chung(《紐約時報》亞太區企業發展主管)
義務秘書:Christine Wong(彭博)
Barrett Bingley(《經濟學人》北亞及亞洲活動廣告銷售董事)
Ling Sze Gan(湯森路透副總裁兼編採及數據方案銷售及收入主管)
Jean Locufier(《金融時報》亞太區客戶服務主管)



亞洲出版業協會(The Society of Publishers in Asia ,「SOPA」)乃香港非牟利團體,成立於1982年,旨在維護新聞自由、表揚亞太區傑出新聞工作以及推廣本地及地區出版界的最佳實踐。

如今,SOPA致力為亞洲傳媒及出版界發聲,協助維護傳媒標準及自由,並表彰及支持專業新聞報導及出版。「卓越新聞獎」是SOPA的年度旗艦盛事,為亞太區的新聞報導塑造基準。;; SOPA LinkedIn


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